CANIFFF Celebrates it’s 2021 Winners

Under the leadership and ownership of Roger Gingerich, The Canadian International Fashion Film Festival is a celebration, exploring the diverse and shifting landscape of fashion in film and honouring some of the genre’s greatest. Fashion has always played an integral part in film. Only recently however, has fashion played a leading role in its very own genre.

Gucci’s Cinematic Fantasy

Creative Director, Allesandro Michele has always been whimsically inclined towards the crossover of fashion and cinema. His idea of the future of fashion is about defying norms, standards as well as stereotypes of the society. Inspired by similar beliefs, Gucci’s recent collections have been season-less and ungendered.

The Indian Ritual of Champi

Indian culture has celebrated the beauty and spirituality of hair for centuries and is known for being thick, lustrous, and long. HAVAH honours the ancestral knowledge and traditional Indian rituals by offering three different hair oils, born out of the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda.