Danny Pato

New Zealand

Get Beautiful Hair in Your Sleep

Pommeshell for Scalp Health

Nicole Pidherny

BC Canada

Why Toxic Forever Chemicals Should Be a Thing of the Past

Last year, California became the first state in the US to ban toxic chemicals in cosmetics.  Maryland did the same this month but the laws don’t take effect until 2025.

Marlon Hawkins Mannequin Collection

With more free time than ever before, I created my Mannequin collection – a group of images that used my creativity through colour and avant garde styling. Using hair pieces, mannequin heads and my iphone camera, I created a collection in a totally organic way.

Olaplex Pro Artist Awards

Olaplex, the brand that singlehandedly created the bond-building hair category, is launching its first-ever Olaplex Pro Artists Awards, celebrating the hair professionals who dedicate their careers to creating beautiful, healthy hair.