The Wella Company Beauty Envision Awards

This year’s theme – chrysalis. A chrysalis symbolizes the protective covering something or someone creates in order to protect themselves until they emerge into a new state of growth which so resonates right now for beauty professionals around the world and the Wella Company.

Celebrating Black Designers in Canada

Renowned footwear designer and creator of Black Designers of Canada, George Sully, continues to emphasize the importance of inclusion across Canada and within the fashion industry through the recognition of talented Black Canadian Designers from coast to coast.

Roberto Greco Gallery

Sevda Durukan Gallery

JOSé GARCíA gallery

José García

Valencia, Spain


Olaplex Pro App Launches

OLAPLEX, the brand that singlehandedly created the bond building hair category, is excited to launch the OLAPLEX Pro App, a completely reimagined and modernized app available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Esteban Emmanuel

France, UK

Richard Miles


Felix Fischer


Roberto Greco

Italy, Switzerland, Paris